AZAM SDI Library System (ASLi)  
The creation of ASK Centre arises from the question that there is a need to develop resources that focus mainly on development and development Communication. Its holds a unique collection of seminar, conference, workshop, books, journals, literatures, articles published by AZAM and SDI and those countless others throught Sarawak, Malaysia who share our interest.
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What is ASLi ?

ASLi stand for AZAM-SDI Library System, which is orginally creates from AZAM-SDI Knowledge Centre. ASLi shared collection of topics, definitions, which cover the constructive interaction of science ethics, philosophy and religion.

If you be a member of ASLi...

You will be able to use the Library System features. Besides that, you may be able to participate in the development of the Library System in the future as we roll out more services to you.