Utusan Pembangunan AZAM (UPA)   



Much of the content will involve the information gathered through the AZAM's radio programmes, programmes and activities and also other current pertinent development issues in the State.

The newsletter is to feature a mix of Bahasa Malaysia and Iban language materials. It is to be circulated to village communities, frontline government officer, school communities and, selected non-governmental organizations and the media.

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1. Utusan Pembangunan AZAM (Jilid 7 No. 1/2011) - Kepimpinan Akar Umbi Teras Pembangunan

2. Utusan Pembangunan AZAM (Jilid 7 No. 2/2011) - Hello Belia! Meniti Gelombang Alaf Baru

For more information or to get a free copy of the newsletter, please contact us at 082-411 799 or email us at mark@azam.org.my.


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