Engaging youth in state’s development process through vibrant and inclusive KYDO’18

KUCHING: Over the last five years Kuching city has seen the exciting emergence of various youth outfits centring on career, the arts and culture, building communities, carrying out community service in the form of volunteerism, social consciousness and modern and innovative enterprise – a trend not seen before.

To carry forward this momentum Angkatan Zaman Mansang (AZAM) Sarawak and youth volunteer group AZAM Young Souls are providing a platform to bring together these diverse groups to interact, synergise, and produce ideas on future efforts through their youth programme Kuching Youth Day Out 2018 (KYDO’18), a two-day event from 9-10 November 2018.

The first day of KYDO’18 held at a local hotel here from 9am-4.30pm will involve a series of seminar sessions by young changemakers and entrepreneurs to inspire discussion, generate fresh knowledge, motivate the youth and spark off new initiatives by the participating youth.

In the first session titled “Young change makers in transforming today’s socio-economic landscapes” Faisal Hassan (a strategic marketing and technology development company founder and CEO) and Alcila Abby (eco-warrior, beach cleaner) will share how the youth of today can leverage on digital tech to make a living as well as contribute to social change.

“Arts & Culture: Turning Creatives into a career and business/social enterprise” moderated by representatives from HAUS KCH will feature artists from various mediums such as Angelina Bong (visual artist and spoken word poet), Lance Vun Vui Khien (photographer), Ho John Cris Panganiban (hip hop dance instructor, singer, choreographer) and Leonard Siaw ( muralist, street artist).

In the “Impact of Socio-cultural Influencers on Youth” session moderated by The Champions, panellists Cyril Dason (web designer) and Dalton Yeo (videographer), will share their experiences as content creators and expound on the impact of digital influencers and youth community activists on today’s youth in terms of mindset, social consciousness and enterprise.

Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDeC) will also be providing a sharing session in “Introduction of Global Online Workforce” where participants will learn how this digital platform will assist Malaysians on how to leverage on crowdsourcing platforms to generate digital revenue consistently and on a full time basis.

Meanwhile, Day 2 of KYDO’18 from 9am to 11pm at the Godown Amphitheatre is an exciting day of back-to-back activities and exhibits. To start the day with energy, join the Zumba session from 9am-10am, followed by a Creative Makeup Competition and other con-current activities such as live arts, dance competition, quiz competition, conceptual photography session, and buskers.

Other activities to entertain yourself with as you walk down the Kuching Waterfront will be the arts exhibition, flea markets and K-Wheel Riders.

Thrill your senses with the night session where you will be entertained with the mini concert KYDO 2018 which will showcase local talents in various mediums such as the modern dance performance, fashion shows, acoustic performance among others.

The objectives of the programme are to bring together Kuching youths from diverse backgrounds and interests to converse, perform and play together as part of a healthy lifestyle and social interaction, to get local youths to talk about current social and economic trends with a view to encourage the younger generations to contribute ideas and recommendations on moving forward; and to help provide a stronger unified front for the youths to be heard, to be engaged and included in the state’s development process.

It is hoped that this programme will drive youth development for Kuching and, Sarawak as a whole, to the next level, capitalising on Sarawak’s own unique gifts and strengths.

For more information on KYDO’18, contact AZAM officer-in-charge Mohd Wasli Mohd Ismail at 082-411799

Engaging Grassroots Communities in Digital Development

KUCHING: Advancements in digital and communication technologies are fast-transforming the global economic landscape and Sarawak will not be left out in this digital revolution. In its efforts to ensure that Sarawakian communities are well-equipped to participate in this new economy, various initiatives have been carried out by the state government to ensure digital inclusivity.

As an effort to familiarise and educate grassroots leaders on development strategies and trends under the digital economy agenda, Sarawak Multimedia Authority (SMA) in collaboration with Angkatan Zaman Mansang (AZAM) Sarawak is organising a one-day workshop called Randau Digital Sarawak themed “Ke Arah Masyarakat Digital” on 5 September 2018 in Limbang.

A hundred participants comprising members of the Village Development and Security Committees (JKKK) from Limbang Division are expected to attend this one-day workshop.

The workshop is primarily to generate awareness among JKKK members – who are among the state’s development frontliners, on the importance and benefits of digital economy. The workshop seeks to equip the JKKKs with the relevant knowledge and networking that can enable them to mobilise their respective communities to initiate activities that promote and nurture digital economy.

The sessions will be conducted by government representatives from Department of Agriculture Sarawak (DOA), Kuching District Office, UNIMAS, and local industry players.

Among the key sectors to be discussed at the workshop are capacity-building on digital economy, e-tourism, technopreneurship and digital agriculture.

The one-day event will also include a randau session with local elected people’s representatives who will provide an opportunity for the people to voice out and discuss their concerns about digital economy initiatives and development.

It is the first in a series of workshops for JKKK, in a programme by SMA and AZAM, to promote digital inclusivity. The next workshop is scheduled to be held in November for Miri Division.

For more information, contact Yaana Singkie (AZAM Sarawak) at 082-411799 or e-mail: yaana@azam.org.my.

Exciting lineup of activities at AZAM’s AYCLive@Borneo744 youth event


KUCHING: Workshops, musical performances, recreational sports and more await at Angkatan Zaman Mansang (AZAM) Sarawak’s latest edition of AYCLive on November 18 at Borneo744.

Free and open to the public, AYCLive@Borneo744 will be a one day event starting from 8am to 6pm. AYCLive is AZAM Sarawak’s signature youth event that combines artistic and recreational activities with programmes that promotes personal and professional growth among the youth.

Among the bands slated to perform at AYCLive@Borneo744 are At Adau, Soundholic, Foxgloves, Amey Suhaili, Afiq Zafi, Adi Bazli, Co-Ed Crew, Kenshin Clan, and Imaginasi Music.
Among the bands slated to perform at AYCLive@Borneo744 are At Adau, Soundholic, Foxgloves, Amey Suhaili, Afiq Zafi, Adi Bazli, Co-Ed Crew, Kenshin Clan, and Imaginasi Music.

Come and be entertained with musical performances by At Adau, Soundholic, Foxgloves and modern dance by University Malaysia Sarawak (Unimas). Watch out for the fashion show staged by Limkokwing Borneo which will also see At Adau performing.

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19th October 2017
Radio Program AZAM Episod 13, Rentak Pemansang Kenyalang: “Ngemansangka Pengawa Betanam engggau Asil ari Utai Tanam Ba Sarawak Nengah Cara Dagang enggau Begunaka Teknologi Digital” @ CATS FM

20th October 2017
Radio Program AZAM Episod 13, Rentak Pembangunan Kenyalang: “Membangunkan Pertanian dan Industri Asas Tani di Sarawak Melalui Komersialisasi dan Teknologi Digital” @ CATS FM


The year 2014 has been another eventful year for AZAM.

In his Statement published in the 2014 Annual Report, AZAM’s Chairman, Tan Sri Datuk Amar Haji Mohamad Morshidi Abdul Ghani said AZAM was a key collaborator in some of the state’s seminars such as those on “Socially and Culturally Vibrant Cities and Towns” with the Ministry of Local Government and Community Development.

He also said AZAM’s youth development programmes had also seen a steady increase in the number of participation as well as in partnerships with other institutions both local as well from outside Sarawak.

Tan Sri Morshidi said during the year under review, AZAM also introduced new youth activities such as a collaboration with PETRONAS on a Youth Dialogue, which is a rural youth outreach activity to facilitate their interaction with the state’s leaders on development concerns in Sarawak.

AZAM had also continued to work closely with local radio stations and newspapers to disseminate useful information on current development happenings around Sarawak through its radio programme and newspaper development feature articles.

Meanwhile in his remarks at the 32nd Annual General Meeting (AGM) of AZAM held last Saturday in Kuching, Tan Sri Morshidi who is also the State Secretary said if last year’s performance of AZAM was any indication, AZAM looked set to not only enjoy more productive years ahead, but is also well prepared to scale new heights.

He added, one of the highlights in 2014 was the launch of AZAM Online TV, an online video channel via Youtube, which was to help provide fresh and positive images of Sarawak to both local and international audiences. In this digital era, such move was a natural progression in AZAM’s efforts to communicate development information and knowledge quickly and more creatively, to the people of Sarawak and other stakeholders.

Among other things, the AGM agreed with the proposal to introduce a mentorship progamme for the youth members of AZAM aged 21-30, by the senior members. This is primarily to groom the younger members to be future leaders in the organisation, and to work towards a more strategic and coordinated development programme for the youth target groups in Sarawak.

Tan Sri Morshidi called on the senior members of AZAM to volunteer to mentor the youth members to help turn them into highly active volunteers.

On matters raised by members, a former Deputy Chairman of AZAM, Datu Dr. Hatta Bin Solhi suggested that more youths be encouraged to reach out and work with troubled youths.

Another member, Abang Haji Nawawi Abang Drahman said that in addressing problems of substance abuse among youths, those working with such troubled youths must be well trained.

YBhg. Dato William Wei, a board member of AZAM suggested that voluntary efforts should be made to provide more training opportunities for youths who are unemployed or lack job skills, especially by local industries.

AZAM presently has more than 100 members who are accepted based on their commitment to volunteer in capacities such as, members of various working committees, conference speakers, facilitators, or moderators, trainers, writers and judges of competitions.




Youths in Kuching and the surrounding areas are invited to visit or participate in the first edition of the AYCLive@WayangStreet for the year, this March 14 at the AZAM Youth Central (AYC) at Medan Pelita, Kuching.

Organised by AZAM and the AZAM Young Souls volunteers, the one day event will be held from 12.00 noon until 10 p.m. It will present diverse activities showcasing local youths’ talents and interests. These include the regular activities of live performances by local bands, a mini art exhibition, a flea market and dance performances.

The weekend event will also introduce new activities which are, a martial art demonstration including wushu, and an outdoor event – the Street Workout Challenge. Another new activity to be introduced is a “business and sales pitch” competition to help train young entrepreneurs polish their skills in pitching their products or, their business to investors.

Other youth interests which are expected to be showcased during the weekend programme are cosplay from Gendaibu club and yoyo demonstration by Mr. Ryan Han from Yoyo Rangers. The present of card game from NEKO NEKO NYA group will add more spice of this AYCLive@WayangStreet series. This new episode will also welcome our friends from The HUB Youth Centre with the showcase of their own talents.

The AYCLive@WayangStreet series or urban youth events was introduced in January 2014, spearheaded by youth volunteers under AZAM’s youth development and engagement programme. A total of 5 events have been held so far, which were centred at the AZAM Youth Central, housed at Medan Pelita courtesy of the Pelita Holdings Sdn Bhd, on the historic Wayang Street, Kuching.

Under the banner of Young Souls & the City, the weekend activities are to help provide a platform for local youths to congregate, interact and create various useful and creative activities not only for the youth themselves but also for the larger community. The events are also to contribute to making Kuching city more socially and culturally vibrant, and to bring together youths of diverse backgrounds, races and beliefs in efforts to strengthen social harmony in the state.

Youths and members of the public who are interested to find out more about the event may contact AZAM staff, Razali or Nazrie at 082-411799.