AZAM Young Souls


AZAM Young Souls (AYS) was established in 2012 when AZAM undertook an extensive youth programme called Young Souls & the City and Gegaran Belia, which featured diverse activities ranging from seminars to creative performing arts and sports activities, reaching out to both urban and rural youths in various parts of Sarawak.

Nowadays, AZAM Young Souls (AYS) are trying to influence the youth of today to become a leader in their respective fields by giving them guidance and chances to learn how a corporate world works.

AYS Current Overview

Around round 70 members has registered. The list of members are comprised of pioneers, subject matter expert (SME) and new members. The increase of AYS members in 2023 is from the AYS Capacity Building and AIFFA volunteerism.


  • To enhance the capacity and roles of AZAM Young Souls (AYS) through volunteerism and global citizenship initiative.
  • To equip youth with employability skills.
  • To develop youth leadership skills to meet the needs of social and technological advancements of Sarawak.

AYS Focus Areas/Membership Drive

  • AYS Digital

Youth with digital skills, knowledge and interest to help promote digitalisation in Sarawak in efforts to accelerate the development of digital economy especially among local communities.

  • AYS Green

Youth with the skills, knowledge and passion to help champion sustainable development among local stakeholders such as in environmental preservation, eco-entrepreneurship and social enterprise.

  • AYS Communication

Youth with the skills, knowledge and passion for promoting communication for development in Sarawak to help bridge communication and information gaps among development stakeholders.

  • AYS Creatives

Youth with the talents, knowledge and passion to help promote the creative industry including promoting local traditional arts, and development of various forms of contemporary art forms & creatives.

  • AYS Career Development

Youth with the skills, knowledge and passion to help other local youth to develop talents and knowledge to carve out successful careers towards becoming quality socio-economic resources for Sarawak.