What We Do



  • Capacity Building Workshop
  • Film Making Events for Youths
  • MACC-AZAM Anti-Corruption Awareness Programme


  • Jejak Aspirasi Lundu (22 April)
  • Jejak Aspirasi Pakan (29 Julai)
  • The The Tarik Session with Ehon Chan
  • AYCLive @ Borneo744
  • Workshop on Content Creation
  • Exhibition for State Youth Day
  • ASEAN International Films and Awards
  • Flashmob & ASEAN Quiz for AIFFA (2 April)
  • Flashmob & ASEAN Quiz for AIFFA (15 April)
  • Flashmob & ASEAN Quiz for AIFFA (23 April)
  • AYC Bootcamp (14 October & 15 October)
  • Chinese New Year Gathering
  • AYS Dinner Appreciation


  • Kuching Youth Day Out (KYDO) (2018 – 2019)


  • AZAM Rural School Motivation & Community Reach Programme
  • Youth Upskilling Workshop
  • Social Media Influencer Workshop (Part 1)
  • Social Media Influencer Workshop (Part 2)
  • Youth Online Business Workshop
  • Roadshow on Digital Inclusivity (Sri Aman – 7 December)
  • Roadshow on Digital Inclusivity (Bintangor – 15 December)


  • Sembang Santai AYS (2020-2021)
  • Youth Green X-change Programme (YGXC) – ZOOM


  • Youth Capacity Building Cohort 1.0


  1. Youth Capacity Building 2023 (Cohort 2.0)

AZAM Youth Capacity Building is a quarterly activity that provides an opportunity for the AZAM Youth Development Committee to provide exposure and introduction to youth who wish to register as members of AZAM Young Souls.

After the last year AZAM Youth Capacity Building which got restarted after the covid-19 protocol is loosen, the feedback from the participants is overwhelming and the committee members decided to make this activity a quarterly programme instead of annually. Under the leadership of Mr. Mohd Arif Irwani Azahari is once again holding this program for the youth of Kuching.

This program involved a small amount of youth (20 people) involves a gamification simulation that test the abilities of Sarawak’s youth in improving their abilities and capabilities in developing their careers so that they are more structured and have the right direction when starting their own career.

So this half-day long program not only provides a professional element but is also conducted in a more interactive and entertaining way.

  • Majlis Berbuka Puasa Besama AZAM Young Souls (2023)
  • AYS Volunteer for AIFFA 2023 3-day event

The ASEAN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL & AWARDS will hold its 6th festival on 02 – 04 August 2023 in Kuching, Sarawak. This exciting 3-day event sees the best in the ASEAN film industry celebrate, honour and recognise excellence among their peers.

AIFFA brings together a diverse range of film participants from the 10 ASEAN countries and promises to be a significant event in the film industry. ASEAN directors, cinematographers, actors, actresses, celebrities, film students and fans will converge to be enthralled by the finest movies, entertained by first-rate artistes and educated by the most outstanding filmmakers in the region.

As in previous AIFFAs, the organisers have once again invited AZAM Young Souls to be among the youth volunteers to assist in the running of the various events for AIFFA 2023. The second assignment to the AYS was the 3-days event in Kuching in which the AYS volunteers were tasked in handling the hotels VIPs and delegates.

A pioneer AYS volunteer, Abang Sayiddi @ Achu and AZAM Community Development Officer, Amirul Syafiq led the team of volunteers in this 3-day event together with Ms. Karen Ong, AIFFA Project Manager.

  • Greener Strides: Plogging for a sustainable future in conjunction with YGXC Prize Giving Ceremony

The collaboration between AZAM, the Sarawak Natural Resources and Environment Board (NREB), WWF Malaysia, and Trienekens to organize the Youth Green Exchange (YGXC) program. YGXC is a one-year-long environmental awareness and engagement initiative that ran from July 2020 to July 2021. The program was first introduced in 2014/2015 and has since evolved to engage and educate teenagers and youth in Sarawak, Malaysia, on environmental preservation.