BORNEO 744 on November 18 was filled with youth of different passion, each with the fiery intensity to perform the talents laid in the heart of each of them. There were a group of boys and girls feeling the winds through their hair, the same wind that touches their face as they rode on their skate boards, up the ledge, despite falling down multiple times, the same many times they stood up and continued on. Such is also a description, that is best to describe the youth that participated in AYCLive@Borneo744, an event to bring out the best in them despite their differences.

There are also those exhibiting their love for fast cars, and building them, as well as those who love cosplaying their favourite anime characters. Meanwhile, also were were those that have a passion for handicrafts as they sat at their booth explaining to those interested in the how-to of creating crafts.

The programme known as AYC (AZAM Youth Central) Live@B744 is an urban youth programme introduced by Angkatan Zaman Mansang Sarawak (AZAM Sarawak) to provide a platform for local youths to engage in current development programmes and activities. This particular AYCLive@Borneo744 is the first of the AYCLive series to be held outside AZAM Youth Central since its first introduction in 2013.

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