KUCHING: Social enterprise is gaining foothold globally as an entrepreneurship that is capable of reconciling societal values with business goals. In Malaysia, social enterprise has produced a number of outstanding enterprises such as Hospitals Beyond Boundaries, Masala Wheels, Skolafund, and so many more. In Sarawak, a similar trend is emerging among trading enterprises, financial institution, community organisations, non-government organisations (NGOs) and charities.

In light of these developments, Angkatan Zaman Mansang Sarawak (AZAM Sarawak) will be organizing a one-day programme named “Knowledge Sharing on Social Enterprise” to be held at the SMA Creative Heritage Innovation Centre (CHIC) at Bangunan Yayasan Sarawak on 24 October 2019, 8.30am to 12.30pm.

The talks aim to expose participants to the potential and importance of social enterprise in Sarawak and the way it can be applied to address social, environmental and financial issues.

The objectives of the programme are to share new trends and updates about social enterprise; examine existing social enterprise practices and businesses in Sarawak, and learn how to maximize the local and global impact of a social enterprise.

The knowledge sharing session will feature two experienced individuals in this field: the first being Ms Nina Othman, founder of Grow the Goose and Borneo Cocoa, who has approximately 14 years in the fields of entrepeneurship, marketing and advertising. She also previously attended the US Government’s International Visit Leadership Program (IVLP) on social enterprise in 2019.

The second speaker is Ms Anja Juliah Abu Bakar who is the founder and Social Impact Director of Blubear Holdings Sdn Bhd, a social enterprise that empowers girls and give them access to education through the availability of reusable sanitary pads. She received the Outstanding ASEAN Women Entrepreneur Award from VCCI, Hanoi (2016), and won Best Woman Category Malaysia Innovation (MOSTI). She was also appointed as associate partner  of Social Enterprise Academy Malaysia.

About 70-100  participants comprising members of AZAM, local social entrepreneurs, youths and, professionals and students in the related fields are expected to attend.

For more information, contact AZAM Sarawak communication officer Hakim Junaidi at 082-411799 or email: hakim@azam.org.my  should you need any assistance.