KUCHING: The local tourism scene is seeing an injection of young blood with youth volunteers taking part in heritage activities.

The Borak Arts Youth Series this June 13 is one of the programmes, bringing in artists and experts for a one-day workshop on how to make a living from the arts.

It is an initiative by My Performing Arts Agency (MYPAA) in partnership with Azam Sarawak and Azam Youth Central. Registration is free but space is limited for the workshop, which will run from 9am to 5.30pm at Pustaka Negeri here.

Those interested can register for the programme via www.mypaa.com.my/bays. Meanwhile, the ‘Jejak Aspirasi Belia Bau’ on July 25-26 will serve as a platform for the youths here to share their experience and interest with their peers in Bau. It will involve number of schools such as SMK Lake, SMK Paku, SMK Bau and Mas Gading Community College.

Azam Youth Central has also been taking part in other activities here, the most recent were the ‘#AYC AnakPantai’, the flash mobs at Sarawak Museum, Textile Museum and Chinese Museum ran in association with the Friends of Sarawak Museum (FoSM), as well as Sarawak Heritage Workshop held by Sarawak Heritage Society on May 15-17.

“The #AYCAnakPantai is a programme that educates youths on ways to appreciate nature, such as helping to clean up the beach,” said Azam Youth volunteer Nurhadiatul Sukinah Jamali during a recent interview with Sarawak.FM for its ‘Randau Semasa AzamZAM’ radio programme.

According to Nurhadiatul, the beach-cleaning programme managed to round up around 40 people at Damai Central here.

“We got positive remarks for the programme, especially from tourists there that day. So, the programme has been beneficial in a way that it has taught us on how to appreciate nature more.

On the idea for flash mobs at the three museums, another Azam Youth volunteer Abang Sayyidi Qairulzaman said it came up during the ‘Sarawak Tourism Forum’ held by the Tourism Ministry last month, where FoSM invited the volunteers to carry them out in conjunction with International Museum Day on May 18.

“We also came up with the idea of inviting several buskers from Azam Youth Central to perform, in sidelines to the International Museum Day.”



On the Sarawak Heritage Workshop, Azam Youth Central secretary and volunteer Mohd Nazrie Salasian said the participants were taken to visit historical sites like ‘Batu Bergambar’ at Sungai Jaong in Santubong near here.

For more information about the upcoming activities, contact Azam Sarawak at 082 411799 or visit website www.facebook.com/groups/azaminfo.

Orginal reporting by Danielle Sendou Ringgit, The Borneo Post

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