KUCHING: Over the last five years Kuching city has seen the exciting emergence of various youth outfits centring on career, the arts and culture, building communities, carrying out community service in the form of volunteerism, social consciousness and modern and innovative enterprise – a trend not seen before.

To carry forward this momentum Angkatan Zaman Mansang (AZAM) Sarawak and youth volunteer group AZAM Young Souls are providing a platform to bring together these diverse groups to interact, synergise, and produce ideas on future efforts through their youth programme Kuching Youth Day Out 2018 (KYDO’18), a two-day event from 9-10 November 2018.

The first day of KYDO’18 held at a local hotel here from 9am-4.30pm will involve a series of seminar sessions by young changemakers and entrepreneurs to inspire discussion, generate fresh knowledge, motivate the youth and spark off new initiatives by the participating youth.

In the first session titled “Young change makers in transforming today’s socio-economic landscapes” Faisal Hassan (a strategic marketing and technology development company founder and CEO) and Alcila Abby (eco-warrior, beach cleaner) will share how the youth of today can leverage on digital tech to make a living as well as contribute to social change.

“Arts & Culture: Turning Creatives into a career and business/social enterprise” moderated by representatives from HAUS KCH will feature artists from various mediums such as Angelina Bong (visual artist and spoken word poet), Lance Vun Vui Khien (photographer), Ho John Cris Panganiban (hip hop dance instructor, singer, choreographer) and Leonard Siaw ( muralist, street artist).

In the “Impact of Socio-cultural Influencers on Youth” session moderated by The Champions, panellists Cyril Dason (web designer) and Dalton Yeo (videographer), will share their experiences as content creators and expound on the impact of digital influencers and youth community activists on today’s youth in terms of mindset, social consciousness and enterprise.

Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDeC) will also be providing a sharing session in “Introduction of Global Online Workforce” where participants will learn how this digital platform will assist Malaysians on how to leverage on crowdsourcing platforms to generate digital revenue consistently and on a full time basis.

Meanwhile, Day 2 of KYDO’18 from 9am to 11pm at the Godown Amphitheatre is an exciting day of back-to-back activities and exhibits. To start the day with energy, join the Zumba session from 9am-10am, followed by a Creative Makeup Competition and other con-current activities such as live arts, dance competition, quiz competition, conceptual photography session, and buskers.

Other activities to entertain yourself with as you walk down the Kuching Waterfront will be the arts exhibition, flea markets and K-Wheel Riders.

Thrill your senses with the night session where you will be entertained with the mini concert KYDO 2018 which will showcase local talents in various mediums such as the modern dance performance, fashion shows, acoustic performance among others.

The objectives of the programme are to bring together Kuching youths from diverse backgrounds and interests to converse, perform and play together as part of a healthy lifestyle and social interaction, to get local youths to talk about current social and economic trends with a view to encourage the younger generations to contribute ideas and recommendations on moving forward; and to help provide a stronger unified front for the youths to be heard, to be engaged and included in the state’s development process.

It is hoped that this programme will drive youth development for Kuching and, Sarawak as a whole, to the next level, capitalising on Sarawak’s own unique gifts and strengths.

For more information on KYDO’18, contact AZAM officer-in-charge Mohd Wasli Mohd Ismail at 082-411799