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Volunteers helping out volunteers

KUCHING, June 25: Volunteers came to the aid of volunteers today as Angkatan Zaman Mansang Sarawak (AZAM Sarawak) donated 60 food packs to needy families through grassroots-driven community welfare initiative #JagaSamaDirik.

A community initiative supported by Sarawak Multimedia Authority (SMA), #JagaSamaDirik has been active throughout the movement control order (MCO) channeling much-needed personal protective equipment (PPE) for frontliners as well as food aid to families impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Today’s food contributions from the AZAM Sarawak organisation and its members will be distributed this weekend to 60 families in rural areas including Bau, Padawan, Samarahan, Serian and Asajaya.

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”As a development communications NGO, it is our responsibility to help alleviate the economic repercussions from the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent movement control orders, especially for the needy families,” said Acting Chairman of AZAM Sarawak Datu William Patrick Nyigor who handed over the food packs today.

For Jasmine Wong, person-in-charge of food aid by #JagaSamaDirik: ”Actually all the volunteers initially did not know each other however everyone showed wonderful initiative in donating and wanting to help this campaign. It is very heartwarming to know that the community is giving their support to us.”

”On behalf of SMA, we would like to recognise the collective efforts of our talented startup and tech communities, the hundreds of selfless volunteers across Sarawak, and the NGOs, including especially AZAM, for this organic effort to make a difference and support the frontliners, and our fellow Sarawakians. It is a testament to the unity that we have as Sarawakians, that we all try to look out for each other, to #jagasamadirik,” said Hazwan Razak, Head of SMA’s Digital Village Unit.

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The food packs were made up of essential food items such as rice, cooking oil, sugar, crackers and noodles.

Established in 1983, AZAM Sarawak is a non-governmental and voluntary organisation which seeks to facilitate development efforts in Sarawak through development communication. Its target groups comprise community leaders, rural communities, youths and women, development front liners and government servants, media practitioners, school children and the general public.

AZAM members comprise development and communication professionals from the public, private and corporate, media and civil society sectors.

Also present during the handover were AZAM Sarawak Honorary Secretary Mohamad Ariff Irwani Azahari; Chairman of AZAM Sarawak’s Social and Community Development Committee Dominic Chuo and AZAM Sarawak deputy chief executive officer Rosalind Yang Misieng.

COVID-19: Kenyataan daripada sidang media oleh Ketua Menteri Sarawak, 26 Mac 2020


Pelanjutan Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan (PKP)

1. Memandangkan PKP yang dilanjutkan selama dua minggu lagi sehingga 14 April, saya memohon kerjasama semua rakyat Sarawak untuk mematuhi PKP dengan terus berada di dalam rumah.

2. Sekiranya kita mematuhi dengan tegas kepada PKP, ada kemungkinan yang baik bahawa kita boleh membendung COVID-19 memandangkan kita terpisah dari Semenanjung Malaysia oleh Laut China Selatan dan ia seharusnya memberi kita kelebihan untuk menghentikan rangkaian jangkitan.

3. Pada Mesyuarat Keselamatan Negeri yang diadakan pagi ini, dua jawatankuasa kecil telah dibentuk, iaitu:

(i) Jawatankuasa Kecil Rantaian Bekalan Makanan yang diketuai oleh Timbalan Ketua Menteri, Datuk Amar Awang Tengah Ali Hasan

(ii) Jawatankuasa Keselamatan yang diketuai oleh Timbalan Ketua Menteri, Tan Sri Datuk Amar Dr. James Jemut Masing

Kawalan Sempadan

4. Kami (Kerajaan Sarawak) akan meningkatkan kawalan sempadan kita dan memantau lalu lintas orang di sempadan kita dengan negara jiran untuk mencegah “import” virus korona.

Pakej Pakej COVID-19 Sarawakku Sayang

5. Kita akan memantau dengan teliti kesan wabak COVID-19 terhadap orang awam dan kita juga akan memantau pelaksanaan pelbagai inisiatif ekonomi.

6. Kerajaan Sarawak akan mengkaji dari masa ke masa kesan PKP terhadap ekonomi dan akan berusaha untuk mencari penyelesaian bagi membolehkan rakyat kembali menjalani kehidupan biasa.

Penstabilan Transmisi COVID-19

7. Sejak pelaksanaan PKP pada 18 Mac 2020 hingga hari ini, tren transmisi COVID-19 (kes positif) di Sarawak didapati telah stabil, dan oleh itu saya merayu kepada semua rakyat Sarawak untuk terus mematuhi PKP dan tinggal di rumah.



KUCHING: In line with Sarawak’s Digital Economy strategy, virtual reality (VR) technology will become an increasingly important and accessible tool in various industries as we move towards realizing Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4.0).

To become familiarized with the potentials of this technology in realizing Sarawak’s digital economy, Angkatan Zaman Mansang Sarawak (AZAM Sarawak), Sarawak Development Institute (SDI) and Faradale Media-M (FMM) board members and staff organized a familiarization visit to D-Virtual Park on 10 March 2020.

To be officially launched on March 23, D-Virtual Park will be the first virtual reality (VR) theme park in Borneo.

Chilling out at the café at D-Virtual Park.
Chilling out at the café at D-Virtual Park.

Located at Serba Dinamik facilities and Smart Hub in Kota Samarahan, the site also houses the Serba DigitalX FabLab (community and innovation lab) and SDx Studio (co-working space) and are among the key developments of the Smart-Integrated Project that includes the one-of-a-kind D-Virtual Park, ESports Arena, and D-Tamu (digital kiosks for hawker centres and local traders).

“This is the new lifestyle and community hub that can boost creativity and innovation. Thus the establishment of Serba DigitalX (SDx) as an innovation and creative hub will become a hotspot for talent and creative community to work on projects and share ideas. This initiative will not only provide an ideal environment for makers, creators, innovators, but also position Sarawak as the preferred location for startups to grow globally,” said Abdul Qaiyum Alidin, General Manager (Operation), Serba Dinamik IT Solutions Sdn. Bhd.

D-Virtual Park offers a variety of VR entertainment including a VR Speed Cruiser, VR Elevation D’Luxe, VR Gyrate, VR Gatling Gun. VR Knight Rider, and many more.

“Besides being an amusement centre, the idea behind D-Virtual Park is to create an ecosystem for the younger generation to be able to channel their creativity and it will be beneficial for many people,” he said.

Apart from familiarizing members with the facilities, the visit was also to explore potential collaborations and linkages between Serba Dinamik and the greater AZAM group in future programmes and activities.

A total of 23 board members and staff of AZAM Sarawak, SDI and FMM participated in this visit and experienced the games available at the D-Virtual Park. AZAM Sarawak board members that attended included its Acting Chairman YBhg. Datu William Patrick Nyigor, Honorary Secretary Mohamad Ariff Irwani Azahari, board members YBhg. Dato Norhyati Mohd Ismail, Alice Wee as well as AZAM Sarawak and SDI CEO Lelia Sim and FMM Managing Director Dr Maria Corazon-Cortez.

It is understood that the official launch of D-Virtual Park will also see various Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) signed between Serba Dinamik and other agencies.

For more information, contact AZAM Sarawak Communication Officer Nissa Normin at 082-411799 or email 

AZAM Sarawak staff experiencing the VR Gatling Fun, one of the  many VR games available at the D-Virtual Park.
AZAM Sarawak staff experiencing the VR Gatling Fun, one of the many VR games available at the D-Virtual Park.


A briefing by Abdul Qaiyum Alidin,General Manager (Operation), Serba Dinamik IT Solutions Sdn. Bhd. on the facilities available at D-Virtual Park.
A briefing by Abdul Qaiyum Alidin,General Manager (Operation), Serba Dinamik IT Solutions Sdn. Bhd. on the facilities available at D-Virtual Park.

AZAM Sarawak to hold knowledge sharing on commercial swiftlet farming

KUCHING: Angkatan Zaman Mansang (AZAM) Sarawak is organising a knowledge sharing on commercial swiftlet farming this 12 November, at Kompleks AZAM in Kuching.

The knowledge sharing aims to share and educate participants on the route to a successful swiftlet farming investment, a lucrative enterprise which is attracting more and more Sarawakians.

It will be delivered by Dr. Charles Leh, AZAM member and Honorary Curator of World of Birdnest Museum, Singapore. Dr. Charles was a zoologist and curator of natural history at the Sarawak Museum from 1982 to early 2018 when he retired.

He was also an adjunct lecturer with UNIMAS from 2002 to 2014 at the Faculty of Resource Science and Technology. He conducted research on swiftlets and its farming for over 30 years and he wrote several books on the secret of swiftlet farming and A Guide to Birds’ Nest Caves and Birds’ Nests of Sarawak.

“I hope that participants will gain an insight on the potential of this industry particularly with upcoming technological advances such as AI, as well as steps to conserve our biological resources,” said Dr. Charles.

About 50 participants comprising members of AZAM, local entrepreneurs, government officers of the relevant agencies, non-profit organisations and, professionals and students in the related fields are expected to attend.

This knowledge sharing is a part of activities organised for members of AZAM and is also open to non-members.

Other AZAM’s activities organised for its members earlier this year included a study trip and rural community outreach programme in Niah, Miri Division and, in Lawas of Limbang Division as well as, a knowledge sharing session on Social Enterprise.

Admission to the talk on swiftlet farming is free and the limited seats are on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

Those interested in joining this event can contact AZAM Sarawak at 082 411799 (Nissa Normin) for further information.

Youth online business workshop 2019 boosting youth enterprise

KUCHING: Increased internet access and constant innovations in online business marketing have created new asset-light online business models, giving the youth more opportunities to take part in the increasingly competitive and lucrative online market. The potential for Sarawak youths to be successful in this area is significant with the government’s clear digital economy roadmap for all sectors, and, the availability of various unique local products that are highly marketable in both local and international markets.

This development prompts the Sarawak Multimedia Authority (SMA) in collaboration with Angkatan Zaman Mansang (AZAM) Sarawak to organize a workshop called Youth Online Business Workshop 2019 themed “Boosting Youth Enterprise through Online Business” this October.

The one-and-a half day workshop will help participants navigate the world of online business, and take advantage of the availability of online business models which maximise on marketing strategies but work on minimal capital investment.

The workshop will expose participants to existing tools and frameworks to launch or expand their business while helping participants plan effective strategies to better grow their business, define their overall goals, identify risks and opportunities, and facilitate business transitions from traditional to online platforms, new technologies like automation and virtual reality, and e-commerce portals.

The workshop will include five modules by Alianza Group, on setting up online businesses, in addition to a knowledge sharing session e-commerce portal, and overview of online businesses and current issues by Sarawak Multimedia Authority.  

In addition, there will be a briefing on online business marketing for social media influencers to be presented by Koperasi Belia Inovatif Sarawak (KOBIS).

Approximately 50 participants made up of local young entrepreneurs as well as graduates of public and private institutions of higher learning are expected to attend.

This workshop is part of an on-going SMA-AZAM’s digital inclusivity programme. Other programmes under this collaboration are the rural community engagement in the forms of workshops called Randau Digital, radio live shows with info capsules and, online videos.  

Those interested in joining this workshop can contact AZAM Sarawak at 082 411799 (Wasli /Nurfadzalina) for further information.

SMA & AZAM to hold social media influencers development programme

KUCHING: With more and more established brands turning to social media influencers to market their products, chances for youth and aspiring content creators to make viable livelihoods online are opening up.

It is against this backdrop that Sarawak Multimedia Authority (SMA) and Angkatan Zaman Mansang Sarawak (AZAM Sarawak) in collaboration with Koperasi Belia Inovatif Sarawak (KOBIS) will be organizing a series of seminars and workshops for Sarawak-based social media influencers starting 19 October this year in Kuching.

The workshop series called Sarawak Social Media Influencers Development Programme themed “Influencers with a Cause” aims to identify and mobilise local social media influencers, encourage healthy and engaging content creation on social media and educate participants on influencer marketing and digital monetization strategies.

Aspiring social media influencers will pick up valuable tips and strategies from experienced influencers and online content creators in sessions such as “Journey towards being a Social Media Influencer” by YouTuber Cardock, otherwise known as Fadhil Mohamad Isa; “Social Media Influencer 101” by Influencer Marketing Strategist Bvern Yip and Daphne Teoh from Kuala Lumpur based AnyMind Group; and a forum on how to empower social media influencers for greater socio-economic impact.

The forum will feature AnyMind Group as well as Kuching based radio personalities and content creators behind Makcik Bawang Champion – Afick Wazai and Fir Affandi – as panelists.

About 30 participants including social media influencers and local youth are expected to attend the event and workshop.

This programme is part of an on-going community and stakeholder engagement for greater digital inclusivity in Sarawak. Other activities by SMA and AZAM include radio broadcasts and, a workshop series for rural communities called Randau Digital.

For more information, contact AZAM Sarawak Communication Officer Nissa Normin at 082-411799 or email

AZAM Sarawak to hold talk on creating a difference with social enterprise

KUCHING: Social enterprise is gaining foothold globally as an entrepreneurship that is capable of reconciling societal values with business goals. In Malaysia, social enterprise has produced a number of outstanding enterprises such as Hospitals Beyond Boundaries, Masala Wheels, Skolafund, and so many more. In Sarawak, a similar trend is emerging among trading enterprises, financial institution, community organisations, non-government organisations (NGOs) and charities.

In light of these developments, Angkatan Zaman Mansang Sarawak (AZAM Sarawak) will be organizing a one-day programme named “Knowledge Sharing on Social Enterprise” to be held at the SMA Creative Heritage Innovation Centre (CHIC) at Bangunan Yayasan Sarawak on 24 October 2019, 8.30am to 12.30pm.

The talks aim to expose participants to the potential and importance of social enterprise in Sarawak and the way it can be applied to address social, environmental and financial issues.

The objectives of the programme are to share new trends and updates about social enterprise; examine existing social enterprise practices and businesses in Sarawak, and learn how to maximize the local and global impact of a social enterprise.

The knowledge sharing session will feature two experienced individuals in this field: the first being Ms Nina Othman, founder of Grow the Goose and Borneo Cocoa, who has approximately 14 years in the fields of entrepeneurship, marketing and advertising. She also previously attended the US Government’s International Visit Leadership Program (IVLP) on social enterprise in 2019.

The second speaker is Ms Anja Juliah Abu Bakar who is the founder and Social Impact Director of Blubear Holdings Sdn Bhd, a social enterprise that empowers girls and give them access to education through the availability of reusable sanitary pads. She received the Outstanding ASEAN Women Entrepreneur Award from VCCI, Hanoi (2016), and won Best Woman Category Malaysia Innovation (MOSTI). She was also appointed as associate partner  of Social Enterprise Academy Malaysia.

About 70-100  participants comprising members of AZAM, local social entrepreneurs, youths and, professionals and students in the related fields are expected to attend.

For more information, contact AZAM Sarawak communication officer Hakim Junaidi at 082-411799 or email:  should you need any assistance.


Radio program SMA-AZAM musim ke-2 melabuhkan tirai dengan topik pembaharuan bidang perladangan kepada “Smart Farming”

KUCHING: Perladangan pintar penerapan Teknologi Maklumat dan Komunikasi (ICT) moden dalam bidang pertanian mempunyai potensi yang nyata untuk menghasilkan pengeluaran pertanian yang lebih produktif dan cekap sumber, selaras dengan visi membangunkan Sarawak sebagai ‘food basket’.

Justeru itu, rancangan radio Randau Digital Sarawak anjuran Sarawak Multimedia Authority (SMA) dengan kerjasama Angkatan Zaman Mansang (AZAM) Sarawak membawa topik “Usaha penjenamaan semula bidang perladangan kepada ‘Smart Farming'” yang bersiaran langsung pada hari Rabu (25 Sept) bersama dengan wakil-wakil dari SMA .

“Melalui kaedah pertanian pintar, banyak kelebihan yang boleh didapati, antaranya penjimatan tenaga di mana petani hari ini boleh menguruskan ladang atau tanaman, pembajaan dan penyiraman boleh dibuat dengan hanya menekan butang pada telefon pintar mereka selain tidak memerlukan tenaga kerja yang ramai serta mampu menjimatkan kos pengeluaran bagi baja dan juga masa,” kata Carolineson Nosin pegawai tadbir SMA dari unit Digital Economy Policy, Planning & Monitoring ketika ditemubual.

Carolineson Nosin, pegawai tadbir SMA menerangkan berkenaan dengan topik perladangan pintar ditemani oleh Cyril Klen Rogos yang merupakan pelatih SMA.
Carolineson Nosin, pegawai tadbir SMA menerangkan berkenaan dengan topik perladangan pintar ditemani oleh Cyril Klen Rogos yang merupakan pelatih SMA.

Menurut Carolineson, SMA memandang serius kemajuan bidang pertanian ini agar dapat meningkatkan aktiviti-aktiviti penyelidikan selain mampu memajukan pengeluaran hasil dan kualiti tanaman dan menjana pendapatan para petani ke arah yang lebih baik, serta melahirkan tenaga mahir dalam bidang pertanian yang lebih berdaya saing.

“Setakat ini SMA sedang mengumpul data berkenaan dengan kesesuaian bidang pertanian pintar ini dengan jenis tanaman yang ada. Data ini akan dijadikan panduan kepada para petani untuk menjalankan kegiatan pertanian mereka dengan khidmat nasihat dari pihak berwajib,” kata Carolineson.

Di samping itu, pertanian pintar di Taman Kekal Pengeluaran Makanan (TKPM) Rampangi, Kuching sedang giat dilaksanakan.
“Sekiranya projek TKPM Rampangi ini berjaya, ia diharapkan stesen-stesen pertanian lain akan dibangunkan di Sarawak,” tambah Carolineson.

Bagi petani-petani yang berminat, Carolineson mengemukakan bahawa terdapat banyak program moden yang diketengahkan oleh Jabatan Pertanian Sarawak antaranya, skim sistem tagang yang menggunakan sungai asli. DI samping menghasilkan pendapatan kepada para petani, skim sistem tagang ini juga dapat membentuk ekopelancongan yang mampu menarik pelancong dan sijil kepada pengeluaran sayur-sayuran mengikut gred bagi menjaga kualiti kepada orang ramai.

Teresa ak Billy Bayang, pengarah Positive Mind Sdn Bhd dan konsultan bagi Taman Kekal Pengeluaran Makanan (TKPM) Rampangi Kuching ditemubual menerusi rancangan bahasa Iban dalam topik yang sama.
Teresa ak Billy Bayang, pengarah Positive Mind Sdn Bhd dan konsultan bagi Taman Kekal Pengeluaran Makanan (TKPM) Rampangi Kuching ditemubual menerusi rancangan bahasa Iban dalam topik yang sama.

Sungguhpun begitu, petani yang berada di luar bandar diseru untuk mempelajari kaedah baru ini agar pengetahuan mereka menerusi bidang digital ini seiring dengan apa yang disediakan di bandar. Melalui perancangan memperkukuhkan capaian internet di luar bandar diharap dapat merancakkan lagi usaha para petani ini untuk merebut peluang mendigital pertanian hari ini.

Selain itu, beliau juga berharap agar data-data yang dikumpul boleh menjadi panduan kepada pihak-pihak yang relevan untuk memberi khidmat nasihat dan tunjuk ajar kepada para petani seluruh Sarawak.
Randau Digital Sarawak anjuran Sarawak Multimedia Authority (SMA) dengan kerjasama Angkatan Zaman Mansang (AZAM) Sarawak musim kedua telah melabuhkan tirainya semalam melalui episode keenam yang membicarakan “Usaha Penjenamaan semula bidang perladangan kepada ‘Smart Farming’”.

Secara keseluruhannya, program radio ini sudah menyentuh topik-topik ekonomi digital seperti, Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) , Old Kuching Smart Heritage (OKSHe), People Accessible Network for Digital Empowerment and Inclusivity’ ( PANDei), memperkasakan e-pelancongan, dan memperkembangkan bidang ‘Research and Development’ di Sarawak.

Untuk keterangan lanjut mengenai topik dan program yang berkaitan dengan ekonomi digital, orang ramai boleh melayari laman web SMA di atau AZAM Sarawak di



With more tourists looking for authentic experiences and responsible tourism at their travel destinations, it is vital for the Sarawak tourism industry to embrace sustainable practices.

It is against this backdrop that Angkatan Zaman Mansang Sarawak (AZAM Sarawak) in collaboration with the US Embassy Kuala Lumpur is organizing a half day talk on “Sustainable Tourism on 13 September 2019 in Kuching.

The talk titled, “What is Sustainable Tourism and Case Study in Hawaii”, aims to share new trends and updates about sustainable tourism and learn how to integrate sustainable practices with local tourism products.

The talk will be conducted by Dr. Linda J. Cox, a Community Economic Development Specialist at University of Hawaii at Manoa. Linda J. Cox has authored and co-authored nearly 200 articles and publications on the economic relationships between agriculture and tourism; landscape services; agricultural product marketing; business, human and natural resource management; and other related topics.

Dr. Cox has organized and taught short courses, workshops and seminars on a variety of issues including business management, entrepreneurship, and sustainable development across the State of Hawaii, and  taught several graduate and undergraduate courses, served in a variety of leadership positions and was accepted on the Fulbright Senior Specialists Roster. She has also co-owned and managed a Montana-based real estate development and management firm.

About 100 participants including AZAM members, the local tourism players (public and private), lecturers and students of tourism courses, government officers of the relevant agencies, non-profit organisations, local magazines and media practitioners are expected to attend the talk.

AZAM’s collaboration with the US Embassy Kuala Lumpur on activities such as public lecture, forum and media workshop dated back as far as the 1990s as part of efforts to help impart information and knowledge on current developmental concerns to local communities and other development stakeholders in Sarawak, featuring American speakers who are experts in diverse fields.

For more information, please contact AZAM Sarawak Communication Officer Nissa Normin at 082-411799 or email

AZAM members study visit in Lawas to contribute to rural community development

KUCHING: Lawas has a big potential in tourism with many traditional and attractive emerging products although it is located in a strip of Sarawak territory between the Temburong district of Brunei and Sabah.

As an effort to familiarize members with Lawas’ socio-economic development with the view to assist in promoting Lawas, Angkatan Zaman Mansang Sarawak (AZAM Sarawak) in collaboration with Lawas District Office is organising an AZAM Members’ Study Visit and Rural Community Outreach programme that will be held from 11-14 July 2019 in Lawas.

LAWAS IMG20181209102737

Among the places that AZAM members will be visiting is the waterfront of Kampung Awat-Awat, the tahai cottage industry and long jetty in Kampung Punang, Meragang Buffalo Station, and the Ceramic Beads Handicraft Centre at Kampung Long Tuma.

The main objectives of this programme are to provide an opportunity for AZAM members to reach out and contribute to rural community development. To achieve this objective, a motivational and knowledge sharing session will be held during the study visit to Kampung Awat-Awat, and the session will be conducted by AZAM members, YBhg. Dato Dr. Munirah Mohd Hassan, and Edward Minggat anak Gena. Fifty participants comprising selected JKKK members and villagers of Kampung Awat-Awat are expected to attend this session.

LAWAS IMG20181211162519

To familiarize the AZAM delegation with Lawas’ socio-economic development, Lawas District Officer Ladin Atok will be giving an overview of the development in Lawas.

Other programme highlights are knowledge sharing sessions from tourism operator and entrepreneur Joseph Yusuf Tai, on the update of e-tourism projects in Lawas, AZAM members Associate Professor Dr. Margaret Chan Kit Yok on using e-books for tourism and Edward Minggat anak Gena, on engaging the rural community in tourism. Fifty participants comprising the relevant business communities in Lawas are expected to attend these sessions.

LAWAS IMG20181209103933

As part of the outreach programme, the AZAM delegation will hold a social gathering in Lawas to enhance rapport and networking with local partners.

For more information, contact AZAM Sarawak Communication Officer Nissa Normin at 082-411799 or e-mail:

LAWAS IMG20181211163607